Lumbini Expo-2023, International Trade Fair

Lumbini Expo-2023, International Trade Fair, for the development of trade, industries, agriculture, tourism, technology & service will commence from 2023, 21th December  2023 to 3nd  January 2024 at Butwal, Nepal. After the grand success of Lumbini Expo 2009, 2012, 2015 & 2018 with five hundred thousand footfall and turnover of three hundred million rupees, we are back again with the biggest exhibition of 2023 with more than 450 national and 50 International Participants. This fair is an ideal platform to exhibit new and existing products and services, display, sell the indigenous and foreign products and discuss about the business & investment possibilities in the nation. Hence Lumbini Expo’23 promises a very lucrative opportunity for the exhibitors to expand and diversify their market throughout the country and abroad through direct exposure of their products and services to the potential importers, distributors, agents and end-users.

Rupandehi Chamber of Commerce (RCC), a social organization established with an objective of the welfare of Traders and Industrialists was established one and half decade ago. RCC with its various branches and sub committees is actively involved in the modernization and specification of the trade in the region. It helps to bridge the gap between the traders and government bodies where they can discuss their problems and its solution.

Butwal city is centrally located and also known as business capital of Nepal. Having linked to Indian border and link of road it is a fertile land for various kind of business. Being attached to the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and with all the advantage to set up the businesses we are all determined that soon butwal will be the international standard trading hub of Nepal.


a) Main Objective:

The main objective & theme of this trade fair is “To promote Butwal city as a international business hub of Nepal” It aims to make Butwal a trading point for inflow and outflow of goods for international market.

b) Specific Objectives:

Rationale of the International Trade Fair:

The local economy will foster, if a trade fair consisting of different sectors like FMCG, garments& footwear, handicrafts, building & construction, electronics &electrical, Liquor, agriculture & herbal, pharmaceuticals & medical, hydro–power, tourism, health, education, IT & BPO, water resources, leather & leather products, new technology/equipment, household goods, gift items/cosmetics, furniture & fixture, auto & auto parts with latest models of two wheelers and four wheelers can be organized under one roof.

 Though the services, goods and equipment are abundantly available in the market, free, unbiased, reliable and latest technological information rendered by the producer is not accessible. Thus, if the producers i.e goods& service manufacturers and their consumers can be brought under one roof, this gap between the producers and consumers can be eliminated. The consumers will get direct information from their producers, so that they can find the right product from the market.

Similarly, the exhibition will be helpful for sustainable economic growth and development of Nepal through the market expansion & promotion of their products. The Foreign merchandiser can directly interact with the Nepalese consumers and can calculate the actual demand of the market. The investment and scope on Nepalese market can be evaluated which will again boom the International Trade. The Nepalese business counterparts can also benefit from the trade fair by availing the products rendered by the International business personals. The layman farmers, sprouting students and small scale business personals from Nepal who are unable to visit abroad to take advantage of foreign products and foreign market can meet their demand on their own country and own land.

Date and Venue

Opening Ceremony          :-         21th December,  2023

Closing Ceremony :-         3rd  January, 2024

Venue                                    :-         Butwal Mandap (Exhibition Ground), Butwal

Exhibitor Profile:

  1. Product / Manufacturing Sector

1) Agro based industry        

2) Hydropower


4) Construction & Building Materials

5) Auto and Auto Parts

6) Information Technology

7) Electronics and Electrical

8) Textile and Garments

9) Leather and Leather Products

10) Herbs and NTFP

11) Handicrafts

12) Liquors and Beverages

13) Jute and Plastic Products

14) Furniture& Furnishing

15) Paper Products

16) Toys and Games

17) Medical/Pharmaceuticals

18) Jewellery & Gems

B. Service Sector

Health                             BPO                            Education

Tourism                          Bank                          Insurance


Number of  Exhibiting Stalls :

National Participants                   450 Stalls

International Participants            50 Stalls

Target Groups:

Expected  Number of  Visitors:

It is expected that more than 10,00,000 visitors will visit the fourteen- day trade fair.